A staffing plan is an extensive layout that configures the workforce requirements of an organization. It ensures that a company is staffed adequately, thus avoiding downtime or loss in production due to staff turnover. Staffing plan varies from one company to another, based on the size of the organization, its anticipated growth and industry type. There is no standard approach to effectively staff your business, however with comprehensive research & planning one can have a talent pipeline that strives to fill the vacancy when it occurs.

Types of Staffing Plan We Offer

Short-Term Staffing Plan- As its name suggests a short-term staffing plan primarily focuses on the immediate staffing needs of the company. This plan helps to find additional employees to meet the seasonal demands of the business. Several companies deploy the short-term staffing plan to avail the services of temporary workforce when there is insufficiency of staff for a specific project. It is usually done on contractual basis.

Long-Term Staffing Plan- This plan is a proactive scheme that covers the long-term staffing of an enterprise. The minimum period for which the long-term staffing lasts is one year. To determine permanent staffing requirements, the company has to evaluate current employees who may be retiring, taking leaves, and identify inefficient staff members. After getting a clear picture of your expected staffing needs, you can form a plan to recruit the right talent.

Strategic Staffing Plan- This staffing plan is an amalgamation of both short and long-term staffing plan. The central objective of strategic staffing is to assess the company’s goals, thereby ascertain the skills required to accomplish them. The assessment of skills plays a vital role in determining whether your existing team is competent to scale up your company or not. Often, training is a part of the strategic staffing plan to reform any gaps in skills.


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Having years of experience in the staffing domain, Impetusit excels in catering to the different staffing needs of the companies. We have an efficient team of professionals who are well-versed in recruitment. Our experts analyze, understand and then provide appropriate solutions for your business.
Drafting and implementing a staffing plan cannot be done singlehandedly, so it is prudent to take professional assistance to ensure its seamless execution. Reach out to our recruitment experts to create a customized plan to staff your company.

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