Due to the drastic outbreak of Covid-19, the U.S. employment rate has taken a hit. As the recession drags on, around 51 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance. The US Department of Labor has stated that over 42.6 million people have already claimed unemployment benefits since the pandemic began. It has brought a new wave of pay cuts and layoffs in the job market that left aspiring candidates wavered over getting a job. If you are also searching for employment opportunities during the current crisis, then you must be wondering whether to drop resumes or presume that there is no scope of getting hired. Needless, to get disappointed, there is still a ray of hope for you as many leadings industries are planning to hire thousands of employees. In this blog, we are providing a list of those industries which are actively hiring.

Top Businesses Hiring in the midst of Coronavirus

Regardless of the fact that U.S job market is down; dozens of job postings has been created in response to the outbreak. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has recorded a hike in the number of job openings which increased to 5.9 million in June 2020.Today, Companies of different verticals like healthcare, retail, technologies, e-commerce are running short of workforce and planning to add ample job positions.

  • Healthcare and Pharmacies- Health is the topmost priority in the current situation, hence pharmacies & drugstores are far from shutting their business. Two best pharmacies of US have added a surge of job openings, i.e,:

    • Walgreen with 20,000 job vacancies, including 9500 pharmacy technicians, shift leads and customer service associates;
    • CVS Health with the need for 50,000 store associates, distribution center employees, and home delivery drivers.
  • Grocery Stores– Many supermarkets have initiated a multitude of job openings on different levels from stocking to managing supply chain logistics, and public relation management. Have a look at some popular supermarkets with their number of job openings:

    • Walmart- (need around 150,000 workers)
    • Krogers- (10,000 positions for immediate hire)
    • Instacart-(300,000 roles to be filled)
    • United Supermarkets and other grocers- (hiring 30,000 store associates)
    • 7-Eleven- (hiring more than 20,000 store and restaurant employees)
  • Teleconferencing & Tech Support- There is a steady incline in telecommunication since the hit of Covid-19. As more businesses are practicing social distancing, various companies have transitioned to remote work. The excessive demand for teleworking software has led to an increase of jobs for engineers, technicians, customer care associates, etc. Lately, Slack and Zoom have added hundreds of openings. With the rise in remote work, many people are in need for technical support in setting up & pairing devices or troubleshooting errors. Companies like Support.com are seeking to hire remote support agent for technical and call center support.

  • Food Delivery Services- The food industry never fails to bounce back fast at the time of any adversity. Coronavirus may have reduced social gathering at restaurants, but it has doubled the online food delivery businesses. Many trusted food outlets have opened jobs postings such as:

    • Pizza Hut has added new 30,000 opening to their payroll,
    • While Papa John’s Pizza said it wanted to employ 20,000 people;
    • Domino’s also plans to hire 10,000 employees to work as delivery personnel, pizza makers, and customer service representatives.
  • Retail and Shipping Delivery– In the mid-March, Amazon announced 100000 job openings for part-time and full-time delivery workers. These openings were created to keep up with the massive demand for delivery workers as people are stuck at home and cannot shop directly at the physical stores. Even Lowe’s, a renowned home improvement company is looking to onboard 30,000 new workers.

After going through these job openings, you must be eager to secure a position for yourself, but it isn’t that easy. The narrowed job market has fueled the competition and it has become much difficult to successfully land a job. However, with the assistance of a reliable staffing company, like ImpetusIT, you can surely achieve your career goals. We have placed many job seekers during these tough times and we are ready to help you too.