Can social media help you get a job or prevent you from getting one?

As social media plays a significant role in our everyday lives, recruitment through social media is no exception. Currently, 84% of companies are harnessing social networks for connecting to a large pool of talent. It has become a reliable source for background verifications and screening.A survey of CareerBuilder states that 70% of companies use

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Industries which are actively hiring amidst Coronavirus Crisis

Due to the drastic outbreak of Covid-19, the U.S. employment rate has taken a hit. As the recession drags on, around 51 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance. The US Department of Labor has stated that over 42.6 million people have already claimed unemployment benefits since the pandemic began. It has brought a new wave

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Tips to ace your next Virtual Interview

Since the spread of Coronavirus, many businesses have completely transitioned to remote working. Nowadays companies harness video conference systems to take interviews or group meetings. The adoption of teleconferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype has helped companies to save on time & money while keeping their present & future employees safe from getting

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